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Become active in your Shrine....
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Contact any of the unit directors below for more

information on how to join and become active

in one or more of these units.


ATV Unit

James Summer - 906-632-8078


Band - Robert Bouschor P.P. - 906-226-3412

The Ahmed Band has been a fixture unit of Ahmed Temple since the early 1900's. The Band regularly appears at the Summer Ceremonial Parade and has from time to time taken part in selected Shrine Circus locations. In the early days, annual band concerts were a feature appearance of this organization. All musicians are encouraged to join.


Ahmed Clowns

Ryan Engle , Chief Joey - 989-818-0836
Page of Ahmed Temple Clowns Stuff

The Ahmed Clowns are a very active unit within Ahmed Temple. Not only do they take a prominent part at the Shrine parades, they make frequent visits to the hospitals and nursing homes spreading cheer and good will. They also schedule a number of other public appearances durning the year. Those wishing to hide behind the grease paint and bring smiles to young and old alike are encouraged to join this unit.




Director's Staff

Ron Hill, P.P. - 906-226-7085

The Director's Staff is responsibe for that part of the initiation creemony known as the "Second Section" and is also in charge of the candidates durning the initiation. Their job is to see that the candidates adequately entertain the Nobility during the ceremonial session. All Nobles are welcome to join this unit.


Li'l Indy Car Unit - Grant Harris - 906-450-5453

One of our newer units from the Manistique Shrine Club. This unit makes many appearances at public functions in the Manistique area spreading the word about Shriners and Shrine Hospitals.



East Indy International Shrine Cars - Jim Gray 906-630-2889

These cars are now being run by a group from Sault Ste. Marie and from Soo, Canada. The little cars are a favorite at any parade.


Little Truckers - Mike Hill, PP - 906-225-2544

The unit was the first of the little vehicles units. Ahmed's Little Truckers is a small but active parade unit of Ahmed Temple and they currently have four trucks in their unit. Due to busy summer schedules, they are always looking for substitute drivers. They participate in parades in most of the U.P., so they need drivers from all over the U.P. Ahmed's Little Truckers are a favorite of parade watchers everywhere - especially the kids. It is quite a thrill to see the smiles on the faces of the kids as they go through their carefully practiced maneuvers and give them "high fives." Please consider the Little Truckers as "your unit - they would love to share some of the fun with you.


Mini Hogs - Russ Cram - 906-779-0105


Munising Parade Unit - Rick Gatiss - 906-387-5940


Patrol - Robert Morrison, PP - 906-225-1368

The Patrol is the one Marching Unit of Ahmed Temple and its roots date back to the early 1900's. This unit is noted for their colorful costumes and close order drills and precision maneuvers which have been so well received over the years. In addition to performing at Shrine Parades, they also have appeared at the Shrine Circus. In the past they have performed at a variety of high school, college and professional sporting events.



Provost Guard - Paul Kaylor- 906-875-4098

The Provost Guard is a unit of the Shrine that acts at the pleasure of the Potentate. They serve as escorts for the Potentate and Divan, they drive cars for the parades, carry flags for ceremonial activities, serve as ushers for banquets and events and do whatever else is needed. They are very active and have members from the various areas of the Upper Peninsula. They have a minimal number of meeting during the year but are always on duty during the Ceremonials and Potentate's Ball. All Nobles are welcome to join this unit.


Purveyors - Gordon Peterson - 906-226-8873

The Purveyors are a group that was organized by Tom Skoog, P.P. several years ago. They plan, prepare and serve, hopefully a good meal prior to the regular Shrine meetings. The meal is open to all Shriners, their Ladies and guests, all for $6.00 per person. They are always looking for both appetites and workers for this unit.



Ritualistic - David Skoog - 906-225-1873

The Ritualistic Divan replace the Divan during the ceremonial and the trip across the hot sands to Mecca. They also do the "fezzing ceremony" as part of the ritual.

There is memory work involved if one becomes a part of this unit (there are also non-speaking parts or "extras"). They are always looking for backups for all the parts, because at times all members cannot be present. Most of the current Ritualistic Divan started out as extras or backups and it's surprising how fast one becomes a regular.


Mini-Chopper Unit - Russ Cram - 906-779-0105

The Mini-Chopper Unit are a group that was organized by Ron Rogowski (right) & John Tincher (left) in 2010. They are always looking for new members. To be a member of the unit you must have a motorcycle license.



Gentlemen's Unit - Mike Kemnitz - 906-221-7855

The Gentlemen's Unit are a group that was organized recently. They are always looking for new members.